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The third set of molars, also known as “wisdom teeth,” begin to appear in most people between the ages of 17 and 25. The emergence of these teeth, on the other hand, is frequently fraught with complications. The extraction, or removal, of one or more third molars is a rather common treatment, with around 5 million people undergoing the procedure each year. You may be advised to have your wisdom teeth pulled after a comprehensive examination and diagnostic testing such as x-rays or a CT scan.
The removal of wisdom teeth can be a successful treatment for a variety of reasons, including preventing future issues or alleviating a current ailment. However, as with any medical operation, the advantages must be weighed against the minor possibility of complications, and the procedure should be thoroughly addressed.

When the wisdom teeth, or third molars, do not erupt properly, you can develop a range of oral health issues. Whether it is trapped below the gums or coming in at the wrong angle, a troublesome wisdom tooth can cause gum disease, cavities, and infection.
At Ocotillo Lakes Dental Health, our doctors can perform both simple and complex wisdom tooth extraction to remove problematic teeth and protect your smile. Dr. Jay Valiyaparambil, DMD performs extractions at his convenient office in Chandler, AZ. For complex extractions, we offer multiple sedation options to ensure your comfort.

When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

The third set of molars at the back of your jaw are called wisdom teeth. Because these molars typically erupt between ages 17 and 25, a large portion of the population does not have space in their jaw for them. Dr. Jay Valiyaparambil, DMD  may recommend an extraction for wisdom teeth that are:

  • Impacted: An impacted tooth is trapped in the jawbone or under the gums and can cause infection or other issues.
  • Erupted at the wrong angle: Crooked wisdom teeth can press against neighboring teeth and cause damage or shifting.
  • Difficult to clean: The location of wisdom teeth can make them difficult to reach with a toothbrush or dental floss. Over time, these limitations in oral hygiene can cause cavities and gum disease.

Typically, Dr. Jay Valiyaparambil, DMD recommends removing wisdom teeth before they become an issue. By taking x-rays of your jaw, we can often predict whether or not you have enough space in your jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt properly.

What to Expect during the Procedure

At Ocotillo Lakes Dental Health, we offer both simple and complex wisdom tooth removals. When the wisdom tooth is visible above the gum line, Dr. Jay Valiyaparambil, DMD can perform a simple extraction by grasping the tooth with forceps and removing it from the socket. Wisdom teeth that are impacted below the gum line usually require a complex extraction.

If we use sedation during your procedure, someone will need to drive you home.

Recovering after Wisdom Tooth Removal

If we use sedation during your procedure, someone will need to drive you home. Make sure to get plenty of rest during the first 24 hours or so after your appointment. Most patients should expect some swelling and discomfort for a few days.

To make your recovery more comfortable, you should:

  • Apply ice packs to reduce swelling or bruising
  • Gently open and close your jaw to exercise it
  • Eat soft foods, such as ice cream, pasta, and soup
  • Take any medication we prescribe
  • Drink plenty of fluids

For the first few days, do not drink through a straw and try to avoid rinsing or spitting forcefully. A blood clot will form in the area of extraction and you do not want to disturb it.

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