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Oral Surgery Near Me: Extractions, Dental Implants, and More

If your smile is compromised, Dr. Jay Valiyaparambil, DMD perform a full range of oral surgery procedures at their Chandler, AZ, office. Our doctors can remove wisdom teeth and impacted canines, place dental implants, and restore candidacy for implant posts with bone grafts. For especially complex procedures, we can coordinate treatment with some of the most skilled specialists in the area.

The word “surgery” conjures up visions of a hospital stay, general anesthesia, and a potentially long recovery process. On the other hand, oral surgery is usually a quite different experience. Oral surgery is usually performed in a dental office setting, under local anaesthesia, and with minimal recovery time. The procedures performed in oral surgery range from simple tooth extractions and implant placement to more complex jaw realignment surgeries and emergency face trauma care.

Prior to oral surgery, X-rays are usually taken to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. You will be given a detailed explanation of the procedure as well as your anesthesia alternatives, and you should feel free to ask any questions you may have. The procedure you’re having and your overall health will influence how long you willl be recovering. Any drugs you’re taking, any chronic health conditions you have, and if you smoke should all be disclosed to your dentist. This will help to ensure your safety and comfort, which are always the most important considerations.

If you are in need of an oral surgeon in Chandler, AZ, then Ocotillo Lakes Dental Health has you covered. We will make sure you are confident in your oral health again and that you have a smile you can be proud of. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

Oral Pathology

In addition to a visual oral cancer screening, we can perform a biopsy to diagnose abnormalities. Using the information from your biopsy, we can identify cancers and diseases that may not be detectable with a traditional screening.

TMJ Surgery

For patients suffering from TMJ disorder, we may recommend an oral appliance to help alleviate painful symptoms. More severe cases may require TMJ surgery. If surgery is the best option for you, we can refer you to a specialist and oversee treatment.

We Offer Comfortable and Convenient Treatment

At our practice we do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable. Before any surgical procedure, we administer a local anesthetic to numb the gums. We can also provide nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation if you feel especially nervous about undergoing treatment. When you entrust your care to our team, you can feel confident that we will listen to your concerns and address any questions you may have about the process, timeline, or recovery. We also offer emergency dental services should you need immediate care outside of traditional office hours.

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We’ll make the process of paying for your dental care as simple as possible! Our office accepts a wide variety of insurance plans, and we’re always happy to file your claim for you so that you can be sure to receive the maximum benefits available to you. Ocotillo Lakes Dental Health is in network with Delta, Metlife, Cigna, Connection, Careington, Dentemax, Humana and more! Call us today to find out how we can maximize your insurance plan!

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