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When you are missing teeth, the gaps left behind can become the main focal point of your smile. Even worse, untreated tooth loss also compromise your oral and overall health, leading to more complex dental problems. Dental bridges are an affordable restorative solution that can complete your smile and enhance health and function.

Crowns can also be utilized to replace a missing tooth in a lifelike manner. Bridgework, which spans the gap left by the lost tooth and requires at least three crowns, is used to accomplish this. Two of those crowns will be placed over healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth, known as abutment teeth. The two capped abutment teeth serve as supports for a pontic, which is a third crown that is inserted between them. More crowns will be required to bridge the space between the abutment teeth if more than one tooth is lost.

The number of abutment teeth required to replace missing teeth is determined by the number of missing teeth, the size and length of abutment tooth roots, the amount of bone support provided by each tooth, and the location of the missing tooth (or teeth) in the mouth. If you have three missing teeth, for example, four abutment teeth may be required, resulting in a seven-tooth bridge. Total understanding how to replace teeth, as well as the biology of the supporting gum and bone tissue, is required for bridge engineering and construction.

At Ocotillo Lakes Dental Health in Chandler, AZ, our doctors offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges. We also use CEREC® technology to create same-day restorations for qualifying patients. If you are in need of a dental bridge, please give our office a call right away to schedule your consultation!

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can improve the aesthetic of your smile by filling in the gaps left behind by tooth loss. Furthermore, they also add support to the facial features, reducing the appearance of gaunt or sunken-in cheeks. With today’s modern dental materials, bridges can also blend in with your surrounding teeth for natural-looking results.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, bridges also offer a number of oral health advantages. For example, these restorations can:

  • Improve bite misalignment
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting
  • Reduce or eliminate speech issues
  • Help prevent TMJ disorder
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and bone loss
  • Allow patients to eat a wider variety of foods
  • Offer optimal comfort and stability compared to removable partial dentures

Am I a Candidate?

Dental bridges are typically recommended for those missing one to three teeth in a row. Patients who are missing a greater number of teeth may benefit more from partial dentures or dental implants. Because a dental bridge requires support from the adjacent teeth, they must be free from decay and gum disease. During a consultation at our practice, we can help you determine if a dental bridge is the right restorative option for you.

Dental bridges can improve the aesthetic of your smile by filling in the gaps left behind by tooth loss.

Understanding the Procedure

To place a traditional dental bridge, your doctor must first remove a small amount of enamel from the adjacent teeth. This will make room for your new bridge and prepare the teeth for bonding. Once this step is complete, digital impressions are taken. In most cases, we can use these images to create a same-day bridge while you wait. When the bridge has been made, your doctor bonds it into place using a special dental cement.

If you choose an implant-supported bridge, you will first need to undergo dental implant placement surgery. For optimal accuracy during treatment planning, we use a 3-D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner. During the implant procedure, titanium posts will be surgically positioned into the jawbone. The posts must then heal over the course of four to six months. This allows the implants to fully integrate with the bone. Once healed, your doctor adds abutments to the implants which will connect them to the final restoration. Finally, the dental bridge is attached to the implants.

We are proud to offer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation at our practice. These elective treatments help induce relaxation for a more comfortable dental experience.

While traditional bridges last about 10 to 15 years with proper care, an implant-supported bridge can last much longer – often a lifetime. At Ocotillo Lakes Dental Health, our team can help you determine which option is right for you.

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